Person Re-identification by Contour Sketch

under Moderate Clothing Change

Qize Yang, Ancong Wu, and Wei-Shi Zheng

Sun Yat-sen University, China     


Person re-identification (re-id), the process of matching pedestrian images across different camera views, is an important task in visual surveillance. Substantial development of re-id has recently been observed, and the majority of existing models are largely dependent on color appearance and assume that pedestrians do not change their clothes across camera views. This limitation, however, can be an issue for re-id when tracking a person at different places and at different time if that person (e.g., a criminal suspect) changes his/her clothes, causing most existing methods to fail, since they are heavily relying on color appearance and thus they are inclined to match a person to another person wearing similar clothes. In this work, we call the person re-id under clothing change the “cross-clothes person re-id”. Due to the lack of a large-scale dataset for cross-clothes person re-id, we contribute a new dataset that consists of 33698 images from 221 identities. Each person in Cameras A and B is wearing the same clothes, but the images are captured in different rooms. For Camera C, the person wears different clothes, and the images are captured in a different day.


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    Please download the dataset using the links below: Goolge Drive Baidu Yun(code:32vl)


    Please cite the following paper if you use the data in your research:

    [1], Qize Yang, Ancong Wu, Wei-Shi Zheng. “Person Re-identification by Contour Sketch under Moderate Clothing Change.” IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. (DOI 10.1109/TPAMI.2019.2960509). PDF BibTeX